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E-Mail Marketing
email marketing

No. of Email Validity Price Order Now
1,000 1 Month Rs. 500/- Order Now
5,000 2 Month Rs. 1,250/- Order Now
10,000 2 Month Rs. 2,000/- Order Now
20,000 2 Month Rs. 3,600/- Order Now
50,000 2 Month Rs. 7,500/- Order Now
1Lac 6 Month Rs. 10,000/- Order Now

Medust solution's suite of powerful and easy-to-use web-based tools for reliable, automated email marketing uses proprietary patented technology, which gives its customers a technical edge over using other solutions. And Savicom's Delivery Assurance and Client Services offerings help ensure well-executed email campaigns from inception through delivery, resulting in superior response rates and email campaign success.

So besides being secure, our platform is flexible and easy to use as well. But ‘easy to use’ does not mean basic or un-professional. Our platform’s flexibility comes forth from a variety of reasons. For example, Octane is cloud based, it is available 24/7, is self-serviceable, is usable via an industry leading Pay-as-you-go model and is supported around the clock. Our clients pay only for what they use and use it for as long as they have a requirement.

Just having data is not going to give you business, a focused strategy is important which enables you to reach right people at the right time. Sending information about a laptop costing over a lakh won’t help a consumer who has the annual income close to a lakh, they will never take you seriously again.